The Company



The company “GIAMBO PIANTE” represents an important reality in the Sicilian, International and European Nursery Sector. It covers an area of 170 square meters and it is situated in the Northern coast of Sicily, exactly in Furnari and Terme Vigliatore  (Me) with more than 53 collaborators including employees, agronomists and workforce.

The citrus plants are grown in pots out of soil employing a computerized irrigation system which provides the perfect dose of fertilizer depending on climatic conditions.

“The Corporate Mission” is the constant staff training and the ongoing investment in production technologies with low environment impact. The most Giambo’ Piante’s production and marketing on the European market is from pot 15 cm pot to 20 cm pot size, from bush to mini-stem, from pyramid to trellis, offering to its customers a big rage of plastic, ceramic and colored pots.

The company has successfully achieved  MPS-FUIT&VEGETABLES certificate, a global certificate scheme which includes Sustainability, Reliability, Hygiene and Transparency requirements. This fact gave Giambo’ Piante the opportunity of a precious partnerships with several reputable institutes of the agricultural sector in Sicily which, together with the Sicilian Public Education Department, have it awarded on 11/05/2011 the qualification of the best nursery for professional training.

Today, its production is around 1.500.000 plants, among rootstock, semi-finished and finished plants.

The company is distinguished by a wide variety of “cultivar”: Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Kumquat, Calamondin and many other common varieties. But there are also many special varieties of Citrus such as Hysrix, Latiflia, Aurantifolia, Pursha, Limequat, Australasica, Kucle ….