Caring for our plants

Citrus and olive trees are evergreen plants, appreciated not only for their fruit but also for their beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers. These types of potted plants are used not only to decorate terraces, gardens and houses but also for culinary, cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, so it is very important to provide them with the right climatic conditions and the right care to keep them healthy and strong.


Put the plants in a sunny or shady location. Shelter the plants in the cold months, only if below 10° degree and do not expose them to strong air streams. Good light allows the plants to grow!


Water regularly, varying the frequency depending on the season (limited in the winter months) and avoid over-watering. Water at least three to four times a week in summer. The water must flow freely, so several holes are needed at the base of the pot.

Potting soil

Use a soil that is not too fertile, fresh and well drained so that it has a good watertightness. We prefer dark, blond peat and expanded clay.

Top dressing

Fertilise the plants once a month with complex fertilisers (NPK) that are rich in microelements such as Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron or specific fertilizers for citrus or olive trees, enriched with the nutrients needed by these types of plants.


Shorten excessively long branches to ensure good light penetration into the crown. Do not prune during the flowering phase. In March a training pruning is sufficient and from April to October a simple trimming is more than sufficient.


After one year, preferably in spring when the frosts are over, it is convenient to repot the plants in pots that are slightly larger (2-4 points) than the original ones, neither too small nor too large. And then it is necessary to enrich its old soil with a new one.


Treatments should only be carried out when really necessary. In view of the numerous insects, mites and diseases that can attack citrus fruit, it would be better to contact an agrarian consortium or write to us at One of our agronomists will contact you as soon as possible.