Our working method

The company covers an area of 22 hectares with greenhouses, warehouses and deposits for the shelter of tools and vehicles able to meet the operations required by the various crops of citrus plants out of soil and a computerized irrigation system able to optimize in real time the amount of fertilizer on climatic conditions. The management of the activities is made possible thanks to a staff of about 60 collaborators and specialized technicians. There are many steps for the production of different cultivars starting from the seed to the finished plant: sowing, emergence and development, transplanting and breeding, harvesting and preparation of scions, irrigation and fertigation, characteristics of rootstocks, grafting, pruning with possible repotting, foliage development and phytosanitary treatments, cutting and grafting cuttings, different types of ornamental citrus, flowering and fructification, sale.

Production ethics

Nature is our home.
We ensure environmental protection and recovery of plastics and special landfill; we respect workers' rights and good social practices; we promote natural systems of production, food safety of products and reduction of energy consumption and waste. Walking through the greenhouses and visiting the different areas of the company, you can perceive very well the bond that the Giambò family has been able to build between the production and management of its citrus plants and the surrounding environment, which is best expressed in the care and love for growth in perfect harmony with the rhythms and needs of nature and the ecosystem in which the company is immersed.

About us

The Giambò Piante Company is one of the flagship companies of Sicilian Nursery, national and European, present since 1986 in the territories of Furnari and Terme Vigliatore in the province of Messina.
We have successfully obtained the MPS-FRUIT & VEGETABLES certification, a certification scheme that includes sustainability, reliability, hygiene and transparency requirements. This has also guaranteed the company prestigious collaborations with the Sicilian Agricultural Institutes, which have conferred on the Sicilian Region's Department of Education and Professional Training, with D.D.S. no. 1681 of 11/05/2011, the status of the first Sicilian nursery company as a Professional Training Institution.

Stage 1 Soaking seed
Stage 2 Transplanting seedlings
Stage 3 Seedling after 2 months
Stage 4 Pot plant production
Stage 5 Seedling growth
Stage 6 Grafting into varieties after 1 year
Stage 7 Removal of paper and plastic bags after 2 months
Stage 8 Placing plants in the greenhouse for finishing