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Ornamental Citrus Plants from Sicily

1.900.000 plants, the largest production of ornamental citrus fruits in pots!

Our mission

Giambo’ Piante is a big team of people who enjoy working with citrus plants in all phases of the plant production cycle, from seed to plant and from flower to fruit. One of the main goals is to bring small, sophisticated and high-quality ornamental citrus plants with edible fruit into European market. Moreover, quality management and safety in the workplace are top priorities at Giambo’ Piante. The Corporate Mission is the ongoing investment in production technologies with low environment impact and a continuous staff training in the workplace that contributes greatly to employee’s motivation. Vito Giambo', leader of the company Giambo' Piante, likes to repeat: “The quality of citrus plants is to get off to a good start, choosing the right seed”. He adds: "Our team is our greatest success".