About us

Giambò Piante di Vito Giambò is one of the largest and most successful production and export company of indoor and outdoor citrus plants in Sicily, Italy and Europe, with an annual production of about 1,900,000. More than 50 varieties grown with enthusiasm and energy make Giambò Piante an absolute leader which is recognized throughout Europe. The company offers its customers different materials for plant containers: coloured plastic pots, bio-degradable pots, ceramic and terracotta pots. Besides the simple tree, its assortment includes small tree or bush, espalier tree or trellis and pyramid tree. Since 2000, Giambo’ Piante is located in the Northern coast of Sicily exactly in Furnari and Terme Vigliatore (Messina) and today it covers an area of 220,000 square meters. Walking through the greenhouses and visiting the different areas of the company, you can perceive very well the bond that the Giambò family has been able to build between the production and management of its citrus plants and the surrounding environment, which is best expressed in the care and love for growth in perfect harmony with the rhythms and needs of nature and the ecosystem in which the company is immersed. Giambo’ Piante is a company that should be visited also for the splendid panorama it enjoys. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and looks at the Aeolian Islands, the promontory of the Tindari Sanctuary and the Gulf of Milazzo.

Our mission

Giambo’ Piante is a big team of people who enjoy working with citrus plants in all phases of the plant production cycle, from seed to plant and from flower to fruit.One of the main goals is to bring small, sophisticated and high-quality ornamental citrus plants with edible fruit into European market. Moreover, quality management and safety in the workplace are top priorities at Giambo’ Piante. The Corporate Mission is the ongoing investment in production technologies with low environment impact and a continuous staff training in the workplace that contributes greatly to employee’s motivation. Vito Giambo', leader of the company Giambo' Piante, likes to repeat: “The quality of citrus plants is to get off to a good start, choosing the right seed”. He adds: "Our team is our greatest success".

Identity and history

Vito Giambò, the owner of the company, belongs to a family that for generations has grown and commercialized the Mediterranean plants. In 1980 he decided to focus all his energy on the production of ornamental citrus plants in pots for export to the Italian and European markets. The choice was a winning one! The company has grown steadily and gradually over the years thanks to the passion and love of Vito and his collaborators for growing these plants. The Vito Giambo’s company was founded in 2000 and today covers an area of 220,000 square metres, including computerised greenhouses and above-ground cultivation areas, with a staff of 60 employees, agronomists and field workers. In 2005, thanks to its high level of quality and professionalism, the company successfully obtained the MPS-FRUIT & VEGETABLES certification for the edibility of fruit on plants, a certification scheme that includes requirements for sustainability, reliability, hygiene and transparency. This has also guaranteed the company prestigious collaborations with the Sicilian Agricultural Institutes, which have conferred on the Sicilian Region's Department of Education and Vocational Training, with D.D.S. no. 1681 of 11/05/2011, the status of Sicily's first plant nursery company as a Vocational Training Body.Each member of the family also contributes to the work of the company in his or her own way, ensuring that the company's goals can be achieved.

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